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Causes of Infertility

The Southeastern Fertility Center believes that the specific cause or causes of infertility must be vigorously sought to provide optimal treatment. This page contains a very basic overview of the different causes for infertility. The best way to learn more is to consult a qualified physician.

When searching for the cause of a specific case of infertility, there are several possibilities to explore. In general, there is a 40 percent chance that the condition is in the female, a 40 percent chance that it's in the male, and a 20 percent chance that it is unexplained. In trying to determine where the problem lies, the first questions that come to mind are simple: Are sperm available? Are eggs available? Can they meet? Can the embryo develop and implant? Once these questions have been answered, the questions become more specific. Is the infertility caused by ovulatory dysfunction, mechanical factors, endometrial receptivity problems, or problems with sperm count, motility, structure, or function? Thus, the six classic causes of infertility are related to:

  • Ovulatory Dysfunction
  • Cervix/Cervical Mucus Problems
  • The Endometrium and Uterine Cavity
  • Tubal Blockage or Dysfunction
  • Peritoneal factors (scar tissue, endometriosis)
  • Male Infertility

Thus, the basic evaluation is directed at these areas. However, many couples have other, more rare, or subtle fertility factors present. If the initial evaluation is unrevealing, more detailed and specific testing is often indicated. More information can be obtained from our office or from your reproductive specialist.